Monday, July 13, 2009

Check this Out........

I went to the Supermarket today and was just looking at the ice creams in the freezer section. I was actually trying to find some small basic ice creams for the children, when I discovered this beauty. Yes it is what you think it is, dog ice cream. Well blow me down with a feather, I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Not only that but it was in the freezer section next to the other ice creams. What if you were in a bit of a rush and thought, oh that looks kind of tasty, and chucked it in your trolley and then ate it when you got home!!! I wonder what it tastes like?

I must admit I did chuck it in my trolley as I was very intrigued with this dog ice cream. I am going to save the treats for a super hot day, it is a little overcast today. I will keep you posted on how they get on with their doggy ice cream!! I might even post a photo of them eating it....I bet you can't wait!!!

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