Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, the People you'll Meet....

I thought that this was so amusing, I had to share it. I was in Starbucks and the woman behind the counter asked me if I was English. I told her that I was and asked her if she had ever been there. She told me that she's been there a few times and her favourite place is Blackpool, she then lifted her elbow up and shouted, 'Kerching!!!, I love the amusements'. I then informed her that she is the first person I have ever met whose favourite place is Blackpool.

Now don't get me wrong, I thought that Blackpool was a lot of fun, I too loved the amusements. I enjoyed eating fish and chips down the promenade. I liked the circus, the donkey rides along the beach and I must admit I even enjoyed the way the tower lit up at night but does get slightly depressing after 24hrs!! I can't actually believe that someone would fly all the way to England and then spend their time in Blackpool!! Totally bizarre.

Anyhow moving on, I have started my baby wall frame collage. I am very pleased with the results so far and can't quite believe that their hands and feet were ever that small. I am just waiting on two more of the baby photos to come back and then I should be finished.

I have got a busy week this week, still hoping to launch next week but too much to do. Have a good Monday.

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  1. I can remember being in Yorkshre, on a family holiday in my early teens, & dad drove us to Blackpool to see the lights. I had had enough after driving about a mile along the iluminations!!! Hope your week goes well. x