Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you all, firstly let me apologise for the photos in this post. It is actually snowing here in Colorado, can you believe it, slightly early I think. Anyhow, it is so dark in the house I had to use my flash.

Last year it was time for me to buy Monty a bed, I wanted a really fun bed but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. So I started hunting on Craig's List, everyday for weeks and weeks, looking for the perfect bed. One day I was in luck, someone was selling their old Pottery Barn car bed..........RESULT. I rushed over and got it within the hour.

However, that same afternoon I came across another rather super bed. A one of a kind handmade boat bed. She had made it for a client a few years ago and then they didn't want it, it was taking up space in her garage and she was selling it cheap. Hello dilemma!!! My super car bed was still in the boot of my car yet this boat bed was too good to be true. Mmmm, ahh, what about for Gussie - PERFECT.

So I rushed over and bought the boat bed for a later date. That later date happened to be this weekend. It too has been taking up space in my garage and it was time to get it in his room, a ten minute I thought!! Three hours it took, three hours of sweat and pain and bed and house damage.

This is the bed......I couldn't pass it up, could I????

This is the bit that wouldn't go through the door - note bed damage!!

Look, perfect for my little budding sailor!!

Note door damage - also on the other side of door.

Pleased to have it in his room though, now the fun bit begins. I have been collecting boat related bits and bobs for months, I will be doing a mini-makeover once I return from my holiday.

I also wanted to share two summer layouts that I did over the weekend......

So my message to all my fellow Americans is to get on Craig's List. There are major bargains to be had. It may take a few days or weeks of searching but it is well worth the 'treasures' that you find. Have a Happy Monday.

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  1. Beautiful bed that looks far better in situ. I will have to agree with you on the Craigslist front. Tomorrow I'm selling my fourth item in a week! Yippee!!!