Thursday, September 17, 2009

Man of the Month

When I was in the Lower Six at School we had a tradition that was called, 'Man of the Month'. On the last night of the month you had to get six pieces of paper and write down the names of six boys, five that you rather liked and one that wasn't really your cup of tea. You would then put all six pieces of paper in your pillowcase and when you woke up the next morning, you would pull one piece of paper out of your pillowcase. This was your 'Man of the Month'. The goal being that you had to kiss, (a peck on the cheek not a full blown snog) that boy and you had the whole of the month to do it in.

There were prizes for the first one who got the kiss and consequences for those who didn't achieve their goal by the end of the month, (usually having to make the other girls beds for a week or make tea for everyone one night etc). I can't tell you how much fun we had, it was great at the end of school to hear tales about close encounters or plans about how one was going to get the 'kiss'. Loved it.

I thought it would be great fun to do a 'Man of the Month' on my blog. Obviously there is only one true 'Man of the Month' in my life, my Prince Charming. What I learned about this at school and I suppose now in life, how different everyones 'Man of the Month' is.

So I have been watching the second series of 'Dirty, Sexy, Money', loving it and can't believe that they stopped making it after this series. I think there is something quite sweet about Nick, so Nick a.k.a. Peter Krause is going to be my September 'Man of the Month'.

I hope you will enjoy playing this fun little game with me, I would love to know who your 'Man of the Month' is.

I thought I would share some layouts that I did last night, I am trying to get all my Summer photos scrapped so that I can get them out the way ready for my Winter ones. Have a happy Thursday.

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