Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FIve for Silver....

Today I count myself a very lucky duck................I saw five Magpies.

It is the strangest thing but I can't stop myself counting Magpies. People look at me strangely especially if I only see one. One is not good, one means sorrow and most of the time you see Magpies they appear to be on their own. You have to counteract the sorrow by criss-crossing the bird with your fingers and then saying, "Hello Mr Magpie, How's your wife and children?".
Please don't tell me I am the only one doing this??? I am forever crossing out Magpies and asking them about their family!!!

But today was a good day, today I saw five. Five means silver, not as good as gold but I am still pretty happy - it must be a good thing.

I saw these Magpie prints on Etsy, (see, I am not the only one!!) by the very talented Tori Elliott I think I might have to put them on my Christmas list.


  1. i just checked out your kits (LOVE them) and then had to jump over here and see what other goodness you are spreading...i am on the design team at category stories and also on a new design team with julie...love how we all link together in someway or another! will have to get the november kit for sure (love the vintage reel). oh and i don't like subscriptions...i like to pick and choose my kits and maybe i like the main kit one month and the credit kit the next month-you know what i mean? anyway, glad i found your place. will have to make it one of my faves...take care, breann

  2. Thanks Breann, glad you found me!! Weirdly I have just spoken to C.S. about being a sponsor - super fab site, love it far too much!! Julie is also fab, we are lucky to have her. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Have done this since I can remember - always thought that it was a British thing. Lately, though, I've run our of fingers & toes where magpies are concerned. The last two 'flocks' I saw must have easily had 50+ in each! Bizarre! Had to fight with the inner demons about whether I should have blessed them or not...

  4. I have never heard of this until you, but I don't think you are crazy LOL. I think it's neat! :)