Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Wonderful Week....

I am back, back home after my holiday and what a FABULOUS holiday it was. Our holiday was made up of two parts, firstly we all went up to Crested Butte in Colorado. We rented some little cabins about five minutes from the town, we couldn't have been happier, we lucked out big time!!

These are the little cabins:

The only downside was the sleeping arrangements, there was no sleep for the Oompa Loompas, far too exciting sharing a room. They thought Christmas had come early!!

We went on some amazing pram-friendly treks:

It was soooooo chilly, even had to get the old puffa jacket out:

I was so excited when I heard that there was a fire-pit. I have always been fascinated with the Smores thing and thought I must give it a go. I decided to do it with an English twist, Digestive Biscuits and Cadburys Dairy Milk:

Waiting in anticipation for my first Smore. I have no photos of us eating the Smores as my hands got covered in melted marshmallows and I didn't want to get the sticky mess all over my camera. I will let you know that they were so super delicious and I definitely get what all the fuss is about.

We couldn't leave the old boys at home, they tagged along:

We played 'cowboys.............

and Indians'...................................

Crested Butte was spectacular, the town was beautiful, the people super friendly, the views were to die for and cabin life was so much fun.

Onto part two of our holiday, my in-laws took all the children back to my house whilst Prince Charming and I went on to Las Vegas!! A few days without children, seeing the sights and having a bit of fun. Far too exciting to even think about!!

We arrived in Las Vegas and stayed at this Hotel, probably the most impressive hotel I have ever seen, let alone stayed in.

We ate a lot!!

We had a little flutter - I was rather liking the pokies!!

We took in a show - old school magic performed by Rick Thomas, what a show, what a guy - I loved every second. Good old Rick.

I had to try out a cocktail, probably the most amazing cocktail I have every tried....a kind of slush puppy Mojitio.

Las Vegas rocked, I loved every second. It felt like Disney World for grown ups, I did miss the Oompa Loompas though, wasn't quite the same without them. The best bit, not being woken up at 5.30am - waking up when I just woke up - BLISS!!


  1. Brynn is crazy about her kit!!! Are smores on the South Beach? BG

  2. Thrilled that Brynn loves the kit - No, Smores are not on the old South Beach. Must admit that I have put on a few pounds - it was worth it though!! Missed our call this week!! TG

  3. Crested Butte ROCKS! You must have had a great time in Vegas - noticed the painted nails... very 'non mummy'. Glad you had such a fab time... you & Prince Charming deserve it...

  4. Hello Tara! Found your site via Julie and her amazing sketch :-) I noticed you're a CO girl. I live in the Denver Metro area myself - Littleton actually. Always love hearing about and meeting talented scrappers from the area! Will definitely do the sketch! Take care!

  5. Thanks Laura, I can't wait to see your take on Julie's sketch. Isn't it a bit early for the snow???

  6. Mmmm Cadbury chocolate!! I have a friend in Ireland and she sends me some at Christmas... it is so rich and yummy!! Not like Hershey's at all!!

  7. I am new to your blog so didn't realize that you were headed to Sin City - I was reading the blog on OUR way back from the same - we could have passed each other on the street and not known it! Glad you had fun! We took our "oompa Loompas" with us - that was an experience!!!

  8. Yes Carrie, what was that like??? When I was there I kept thinking that the children would love it. I would like to take them next time.