Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day- Part 2

The snow just keeps on coming!! I am sure that I have never seen this much snow before. Larry, my amazing neighbour, has snow-blown my front path and drive - thanks Larry!! Wasn't really looking forward to getting the shovel out.

So what does one do on a day like this??? Make Fairy Cakes, (cupcakes) of course!!

There were ring side seats for those not old enough to participate.

I also got the chance to use my favourite $4 garage sale item, my mixer, love it soooooo much. (Wouldn't you love to be able to bake cakes in your underpants - oh the joy of being a child!!).

My Little Helper stirred.....................

and most importantly, tested the cake.

Then waited patiently whilst they cooked.

Then to the best part, decorating the cakes. I picked these Martha Stewart Halloween stencils up a few weeks ago from Michaels - loving you Martha. Super easy and super Halloween style.

The kettle has just boiled, I am off to make a cup of tea and test one of these delicious creations.


  1. You are SO lucky that there is so much snow... otherwise we'd be straight over in the car for 'tea'. We've got a huge pot of stew on the go... smells super scrummy. Days like this are few & far between. Enjoy!

  2. as soon as i read your first line (having never visited your blog before), i thought::"she must live in colorado"...we do too...with our second day of snow!
    glad i found to go find the magpie seems to be hiding from me.

  3. Those look great! Snow day, how FUN! I hope to get to the slopes this year so I can get pics for my snow day album! :)

  4. I wish we had snow :) Love those cupcakes - they look awesome!!

  5. very cute fairy cakes!! love the undies pics-great to have on hand especially for graduation!

  6. I made through the snow in my driveway and got to work today! Just took a minute to read your Blog...which I love. It is so fun to see your children baking! And the fairy cakes look makes you love snow days!

  7. Hey Tara, the snow looks fab! There's something about the snow piling up that always makes it feel like christmas is here, the tree should be lit and we should all be cuddled on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching It's a Wonderful Life. Still waiting for our snow here in the 'Peg. Looks like we're going to have a "green" halloween!