Monday, October 26, 2009

You Have Got To Check These Out...........

I love Ugg boots, so it seems does the rest of Colorado. I have never seen so many pairs, on so many feet!! I was in Costco over the weekend and saw a huge stack of these shearling boots, I ran over and dug in until I found my size. Now to the best bit, these beauties were only $34.99!! You have got to get yourselves down to Costco and treat yourself to a pair, hurry before they run out! Have a happy Monday.


  1. I just got a pair of short black Uggs with a button flap does get pretty cold in HK, you know. Needless to say, not everyone here is wearing Uggs. I get some strange looks, especially when it is hot! And, we don't have Costco!

  2. I think it maybe time you moved back to the US!!!

  3. I picked the same ones up in August at Costco. Much easier on the pocketbook then true UGGS.