Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy B-Day My Gussie Gumdrop

My beautiful little Gussie, Gussie Gumdrop. I can't really believe that it was three years ago today that you decided to grace us with your presence, how blessed I am.

1 day old:

1 year old:

2 years old:

Today, 3 years old:

Have a wonderful weekend, I know that we will - Chuck E Cheeses here we come!!!!


  1. Have a fab time Gussie. We hope that you got our message... even if the signing was atrocious!

  2. Happy Birthday Gussie. Love your cousins and Uncle and Aunt B and C. You look like a big boy. Hope S can play with you soon. XX

  3. Precious!!

    He was the most beautiful 1 day old baby I think I've ever seen!!

  4. Ah, those birthday shots are ADORABLE!!! What a sweet way to cherish your little darling. Happy Birthday~

  5. Happy belated Birthday to your little munchkin!