Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Dear Father Christmas,

I have been rather a good girl this year and wondered if I could possible get one of these in my stocking........

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Christmas Crackers:

The 13" Sizzx Big Shot Pro:
The Quick Kutz Letterpress:
The Scotch ATG 714 Adhesive Gun:

Nordic Elf Dolls:

I will make sure I leave you out the best mince pies and a glass of whisky, (the English equivalent of milk and cookies!!). I will also make sure that your reindeers have a nice bowl of peanuts to keep them going. Can't wait till the 24th.

Take Care,

Tara xxx


  1. OMG - the cheese platter ROCKS! The only problem is that I could happily eat all of the cheese on it............

  2. I sooo want one of those Elf advent calendars! That couldn't be any cuter!

  3. LOL, Tara you are sooooo funny! Great wish list~

    Mince Pie and Whiskey? Seriously??? Father Christmas, how do you drive those reindeer straight?

  4. Hehehe, you are so funny! But if I where you, I would not wait to get that ATG gun. I got mine a month ago and I LOVE it! Only downside is that I just got an email from that they have them on offer now.... :-( wellwell thats life!

    I can not wait to see your sneakpeak of the decemberkit! I will be sitting in front of the conputer on the first to order it! I´m just wondering, what excactly is 8pm MST? (in, lets say british time?, only one hour different from here...) I get so confused of all these timesones in the US. THey make my head spin!!


  5. I agree with not wait another minute for the ATG gun. I love mine...cannot imagine scrapbooking without it. Until Christmas...happy dreaming!!!

  6. Thank you, I wonder which one Father Christmas will get me?? It might have to be the adhesive gun, especially if its on offer!! Siri, I am going to send you an email regarding the time difference.

  7. *gasp* the elf advents are not available anymore :(

  8. Aha, I have found the boy elf at 'chasing fire flies'

    Although not really sure I want to pay $88 for him, I mean he is nice but not sure he is THAT nice!! I liked the girl elf - still searching!!!

  9. I'd love those Bridgewater fact anything Bridgewater would be just fine!