Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Walk down Memory Lane

My computer has started to make a funny noise, it sounds like a very loud hairdryer. It is also making bubbling noises now and then, I fear it may be on its' death bed. So compassion aside, I decided I better back my photographs up onto my external hard drive, just incase. My hard drive is like one very large photo album, it has every single digital photo I have ever taken over the past seven years.

So once my transfer was complete, I started a little trip down memory lane and started looking through my old photos. I came across this little beauty..............

I love this photo. It really reminds me of the film, 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', I'm not sure why. Maybe Cameron looks a bit 'Hugh Grant-ish' or maybe it's the Morning Suits, (it is common practice in England to wear a Morning Suit to a wedding unlike here where I believe people wear a tux??)

The photo is of me, my two handsome brother-in-laws and my Australian sister-in-law. It was 2003 and our friend Kate was getting married, we took this shot outside the church, (in front of the graveyard - hmm nice!!) just before the service. My brother-in-law and his then girlfriend, (now wife) came over from Australia especially for the wedding. It was a wonderful wedding and a wonderful day.

The photo is just very English. I suppose I am the tincy bit homesick, I keep thinking that perhaps we should have gone back for Christmas. Perhaps I should be eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine whilst listening to the Queen's Christmas Day Speech. Maybe it would be nice to pull a Christmas Cracker with my niece and nephews and wear my silly paper hat all afternoon. But onwards and upwards so they say. See, it is not good to look at old photos on your external hard drive, it makes one morose!! Have a happy Tuesday, I am going to stick the kettle on and have myself a mince pie - that'll cheer me up, (yay - so pleased I got some in my food package from the British Food Shop)!!


  1. So, you must share. I adore Mince Pie, but have only had it here in the USA, like from Mrs. Smith and the like. I suspect that is not the type of Mince Pie you write of...

    Lovely photo. So sorry you are homesick, that's such a rotten feeling. Hugs to you~

  2. I am SO pleased we didn't book to go back otherwise I would be sweating blood as to whether the flights would actually happen. Good old BA. Will it impact your 'lodger'?

    Regarding the wearing of the paper hat. It always looks at it's best after a couple of glasses of wine & a snooze on the sofa. I miss that too...

  3. I have never had mince pie, I will have to try it. " )