Friday, January 8, 2010

Building a Snowman

The Oompa Loompas received this wonderful gift for Christmas, (thanks Melissa). Middle OL has been desperate to build a snowman so he can try it out. We have been waiting for some snow and yesterday we got our wish, it was time to get the kit out and make our own snowman.
Now I am not sure if you have ever built a snowman in Colorado but it is jolly difficult. The snow it too dry and does not form into a ball. When I have made snowmen before back home, I have used the 'make a tiny ball and keep on rolling it until you have an enormous boulder' technique. It's fail safe but oh no, not here, not with this kind of snow. You have to adapt a kind of 'scoop and pat' technique. Not so much fun and you have to be very delicate with the patting.
But we got there in the end, not a conventional snowman but a snowman nether the less.
This kit was amazing. You get the hat, the carrot, the pipe, coal eyes, little coal pieces for the mouth and buttons. All are fixed on a thin stick which you can easily slide into the snow. I will be using this kit from now on as in the past my stones/pine cones fall out of the snowmen and the dogs usually end up eating the carrot nose!!
Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, be happy and perhaps make a snowman if you get the chance. Especially my nieces and nephews in England, you have got to make the most of all that snow that has been bucketing down over the past few days.


  1. That is adorable!!! I love the "scoop and pat," we may have to try that but with only half an inch of snow we may not be able to do anything...

  2. Hilarious snowman!! Sort of a jabba the hut type!! That is the worst kind of snow alright!! We are getting a bit of a thaw here so are hoping the fluffy snow will get nice and sticky and we can do the same on the weekend!! Have a good one!

  3. That is so cute!! Here's a tip for dry snow...take a water bottle and wet the snow just a bit before you try to make your snowman. It should roll and make balls just fine if you try this. Good luck!!

  4. Yippee! SO glad they love it... xxx

  5. That snowman is super cute! I live in Michigan and it's constantly snowing over here. We always get that wet, heavy snow. I remember building snowmen when I was a kid and that rolling technique worked every time for me.

  6. Love your snowman, he looks better than any snowman I have ever made. " )