Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Title Tuesday

For me, the hardest part of a layout is thinking up a title. It is rare that I come up with something witty or amusing. I also don't think I have ever based the inspiration of a layout from a title. So today's challenge is to do a layout based on the following title:

Happy................... Sad.........................

I am forever listening to Kids Place Live in the car and they have this dreadful song called 'Happy Noodle, Sad Noodle', it drives me crazy!! But the other day I thought it would make a perfect title for a layout.

I have not had time to do my layout yet but I have got some photo and title examples to share:

Happy Splasher-
Sad Splasher-

Happy Chin-

Sad Chin-

Happy Camper - this is one of his happy faces, I promise!!
Sad Camper:

Happy Dog-
Sad Dog-

Happy Karate Kid-

Sad Karate Kid-

I was amazed at how many happy/sad photos I have, I think I could have gone on for days!!

On to the prize, here it is...........a Donna Downey blank canvas album. It is a bit boring to photograph on its own, so I took this image from DD's blog. This is what she did to one of hers.

You just need to upload your layout below via Mr Linky, I will pick a winner a week on Friday which is the 5th February. I wish you good luck.

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