Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

There is only one thing on my wish list this Wednesday and it is this:

I know, people who have been following my blog for a while will recognise this from a wish-list Wednesday I did last year. I had forgotten about it until the new catalogue from Chasing Fireflies arrived. I can't believe that they have it in there again and I can't believe that I still want it. Obviously hasn't been selling as well as they had hoped, not surprised with the current price tag and the shipping cost!!

I still think it would look beautiful at the bottom of the garden. Baby Oompa Loompa and I could dress up as fairies and have afternoon tea. Could you imagine the amazing photos you would take. But the bottom line is Prince Charming still says no, time hasn't softened him, begging hasn't worked. I wonder if he would actually notice it on the credit card bill? I could just imagine him shouting, (not that he ever shouts but I am sure this would make him)................'Tara, are you on drugs? Did you really pay $600 for a plastic toadstool'. To which I would get out my magic wand and turn him into a frog!! I might kiss him later to turn him back into a Prince but I would seriously have to consider it!!


  1. You are sooooo funny Tara! It is cute but $600.00??? Yikes, maybe if I were a professional photographer...but we know I am most certainly not!

  2. It is adorable, too bad it's so pricey!
    Bet you could find a local potter to make you something (ahem) very um similar!

    Slightly better value...

  4. Ummm. Could make one from papermache, maybe put rocks in the bottom?