Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love Cowboys

Especially this little one..........

I am also loving the Oompa Lompas little school. They have been learning all about Cowboys, (surely a must in Colorado) and biggest OL got to dress up for a hoedown lunch. How cool is that. I have said it before but must say it again, they do things so well in America. Have a happy Thursday.


  1. Oh Tara, he just looks super cute in that getup! I just love dress up days at school! Last week my kids all got to dress as their favorite character from a book {in honor of our book fair that week}. They had such fun. My delicate dancer daughter went as Harry Potter (with a bun, since she had Ballet right after school)!

  2. Oh -this reminds me of a picture of myself around that age in my cowgirl outfit...gotta find it and scrap it :) Thanks for the reminder. ME