Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I feel like I am a hunter gatherer, always on the look out for interesting or unusual things. I have been on the look out for a really nice tooth fairy set, the problem is that they all seem to be quite girly. What with two strapping boys, I wanted something a little bit more masculine .

I was so super excited when I came across these :
There is a little report which you can fill in and an envelope to put the missing tooth in. You then slip it in the muslin bag and put it under your pillow, waiting eagerly for that little fairy to appear.

You can also buy extra report cards for more teeth or more children. Just think of those wonderful layouts you could make.
I rather took a liking to this little one, more on the girly side and rather expensive but what a lovely keepsake.
I am being slightly premature as eldest OL has not lost any teeth yet. But as my old Brown Owl used to say, 'Always be Prepared'!! Have a Happy Wednesday.


  1. This are great keepsakes...

    Amanda :0)

  2. Where did you find those cards and bags?

  3. love the little report card..that is so cute! yes, i agree, always be prepared! you never know! :-D

  4. I know, I was so happy when I found them. America has such great stuff.

    Carrie, they are from chasing fireflies, there is a link on the blog post, it is on the word, 'these'. Just click that link and it will take you to the page.

    Have a lovely evening. Tara xxx

  5. Oh these are so lovely Tara! You are such the GREAT hunter!!!