Friday, April 23, 2010


I am feeling much better today, I think it could be a lot to do with the weather. It has not stopped raining now for two days and it is making me rather happy. It is reminding me of home. It hardly ever rains in Denver, so I am rejoicing and making the most of all this moisture in the air!!!

How weird is this, yesterday evening I looked out the window and saw two ducks in my front garden. I don't think I have ever seen a duck since I moved to Colorado and then low and behold, it starts raining and two ducks are in my fabulous. I just wish I had a little pond for them to swim in.

I am not sure if it the same over here but in England, (when you are little) you are always going to the local park, (which inevitably has a pond) to feed the ducks. I spent many an hour in my youth taking slices of stale bread to feed the ducks. I am pleased to say that both my boy Oompa Loompas have partaken in this wonderful tradition. My mother-in-law has a duck filled pond in her village, we had great fun feeding the ducks when we were over there last.

Anyway, I must just mention how super excited I got when I saw this at our local Kings Sooper supermarket this morning.......
I know muesli-smuesli!!! But this one seems to be the official one for making Bircher Muesli - see that wonderful recipe on the side.
The best things about going to Switzerland is the wonderful Bircher Muesli that awaits you in the morning. It is just delicious and I often think about it. It is basically museli that you soak overnight in yogurt, (although some recipes say orange juice). In the morning you then add whatever you like to it........sliced apples, bananas, nuts, anything you really want. I can't wait to get this soaking tonight.

Thank you for all your emails letting me know that my comment section wasn't working. I had a bit of a mess around with it and think I may have sorted it, fingers crossed!!! So this weekend I will be enjoying the rain, maybe the ducks if they come back and my Bircher Muesli. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Cherry Creek State Park is great for feeding the ducks. Beth LOVES it. There's plenty of space for the kids to run too. Glad you're feeling a bit better. I have to admit that I went & stood out in the rain the other evening - it was heaven... xxx

  2. Those ducks are so precious, what a treat for you!