Monday, August 16, 2010

Paddling in Pants!!

I love the fact that in Colorado it is totally acceptable to strip your children down to their pants, (underpants) and let them jump in the water fountains. There is no way that that you could do this in England - the previous Labour government went 'health & safety' mad, slowly stripping away the small little joys and wonders from life. It was a very sad day when they stopped children playing in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, just because they were worried that children would slip.

So here we are in Vail, rejoicing in the small little joys and wonders in life, letting our children paddle in their pants - they loved every minute.

We are trying to make the most of the final weeks of summer, I can't believe they go back to school so soon.

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  1. Their cousin used to throw off her clothes in a trail at the beach, all of them. Even in winter and jump into the water. All the grannies would tsk tsk me, but nothing I could do to stop it!