Thursday, February 17, 2011

Design Team Call

Yes, that's right, I am getting ready to start up again and I need some girls to help me. I am on the hunt for the new Magpie Club Design Team.

Here's the scoop.......
  • I am looking for 4 design team members. 3 girls for the monthly kits and 1 gal for mini-albums/art journals.
  • You will be required to make 3-5 layouts per month.
  • You need to be good with deadlines.
  • You need to have a blog.
  • For the monthly kits you need to live in America, (posting overseas puts far too much time pressure on me). But for the minis/art journals you can live anywhere you like.

How to Apply

Please email me the following details, making sure to put 'Design Team' in the subject bar.
  • Your name and location.
  • A sentence or two on what you think you could bring to the Magpie Club Design Team.
  • Links to your blog, online galleries etc.
  • Photos of 3 layouts, (or art journal or mini book) that best represent your style.
  • Emails need to be received by Sunday 13th March 2011.
So that's about it. Please email me if you have any questions, I can't wait to get going.


  1. YYYYaaaaaaaaayyyyy, you are starting up again! Congrats:) Super excited to see some more of your kits~

  2. Oh ! Tara!! my heart just broke when I read you don't consider overseas for layout DT!!!!!!!! I had been expecting your call for sooooooooooooo long!!I might try it out for the minis anyway!! so glad you are back!!!!

  3. Oh I'm so excited to see you are starting up again! I have missed my Magpie fix!

  4. Very exciting! Pretty sure I can't resist this chance - especially since you live right here in Colorado!

  5. Yikes! I can't find your email link!

  6. this is great! can you share your email address? i can't seem to find it :0)

    thanks and have a great weekend!!!


  7. Thanks Kristie, Sheri, Sillypea and Sophie, (sorry about the overseas things but I learnt my lesson with Piradee being in Singapore - but I would LOVE to see what you do with a mini book!!). Can't wait to get going, I have some exciting things up my sleeve.

    Sarabeth, my email link is on the right hand side of my blog.

    Have a happy Sunday. Txxx

  8. I'm excited. I'm always stalking this site & kits. hehehe!

  9. Oh Tara! I can not wait for the new kits! And I am so sad that I can not apply for the design team, but I do understand the issue with the mail :-)

  10. So exciting! Glad you're ready to start back up! I may have to send some mini-book pics! :)

  11. Well I have been stalking your blog for a while now, wondering when you were going to start up again!!!! SOOOO happy your kits are back! Look for an mail from me soon!!! :)

  12. That's great! I'm so glad you're starting back up again!

  13. I recently just came across your blog and I LOVE what you have to offer! The Holiday Kit is gorgeous! I am so happy I found your blog!

  14. Hi! I just sent you an email applying for your DT! I'm Leslie! You have some major photography skils!

  15. Hi Tara!

    So looking forward to you starting your kits again...count me in as usual, you know I'm a great supporter of Magpie Kit club


    Hope all is well

  16. This makes my Sunday!!!! Just when I was finally in a position to join a kit club -- and I wanted it to be yours -- it was looking like you were ending it. Woohoo!

  17. OMG, thanks for the opportunity!! I would so love to be part of your team!! :)

  18. What a lovely opportunity...I'll be putting together a submittal for sure. Your December kit is gorgeous!

  19. Hi tara, I can't wait to see what you come up with and all the amazing kits (like always), also sad to hear that I gave you so much problems in being overseas. wishing you all the best.

  20. I am so looking forward to your new kits! Hope to hear from you soon!