Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wish List Wedenesday

The new Fujimax 50s camera is out. It is sleeker, slimmer, lighter and has an improved digital counter on the side. I am sure it has my name on it!!!

As many of you know, I am obsessed with Emma Bridgewater pottery. Excitingly, they have bought out some wonderful pieces in honor of the Royal Wedding. They have made a few cups and plates, this one is rather nice of Westminster Abbey.

I think the plate is rather wonderful but it's not something that I would really want in my collection. I would however buy this smashing tea towel.

I have just found this fantastic little company which sells perfume, hand cream, lip balm etc. I just can't get enough of it, love the smells, love the packaging. It is a company called Love and Toast and this is something I am coveting at the moment - the pomme poivre perfume.
Lastly, I read about a cupcake in a jar from a company in CA called Yummy Cupcakes. I must say that it does look rather yummy and I am tempted to order a few for my birthday.

I think I will be emailing this blog post to Prince Charming, what with my birthday coming up!!


  1. Hello on that cupcake in a jar! Get a 6 pack of those babies and we'll have a party on the go! Love it! And want one of those cameras too - wowee. Do you have an instant camera like that now? WE need to chat about this @ lunch, girl!

  2. OMG...that cupcake in a jar looks amazing! WOW! I watched a show on BBC America last night about William and Kate--they are just the cutest modern couple! I don't know why Americans (or maybe it is just me!!) have an obsession with the Royals, but I have been enamored with them ever since Diana. I was devastated when she died and think it is so sweet that William has given Kate her gorgeous ring. Would love one of those tea towels too. :)

  3. Hey Jen, you are on!!

    Erin, I love PD ring, I also think it was wonderful that he gave it to Kate.

  4. oh man.....all over that cupcake in a jar and that camera!!!