Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bits and Bobs Sneak Peek

The past 48 hours have been interesting. A little bug seem to enter our house and decided to make half of us sick, unfortunately I was included in the sick half. It has got to be the hardest part of being a Mum, when you are sick and your children are sick. All you want to do is lie quietly in a very dark room but you have to put your nurse hat on. Luckily Prince Charming was around but it is times like that, that you realise how difficult it is living away from your family. Not having that extra support system to call upon.

However, we are now all back on track and the bug has now left the building. I wanted to share some sneak peeks from Sheri from the bits and bobs kit - Little Red Riding Hood. It is a real cracker this month - well, it's only a cracker if you like the colour RED!!

Have a happy Thursday.


  1. mmm Tara! that looks nice! I love red!! hourray for bright happy colors!! hope you are feeling better!

  2. oh wow.......that looks AWESOME. Happy to hear you are all feeling better.

  3. I absolutely love these new kits. I just finished playing with the Where the Wild Things Are kit. It's up on my blog if you want to see it. I'm looking forward to getting this one too!