Monday, July 11, 2011

Children's Food

Being British, I feel that it is rather important for me to get my children to eat English food. I would hate for them to be in 'food shock' when we move back and wonder what on earth the locals are eating. I am breaking them in gently. Dishes like Liver and Bacon -my all time fav, Steak and Kidney pie and blood pudding are being put on the back burner for the mo.

I love a good old fashioned Shepard's Pie - although technically speaking this is actually a Cottage Pie as I use minced beef rather than lamb. Super easy to make, super yummy and a great place for shoving in lots of veggies. I have noticed that children like their own individual pies, rather than a slice. So I have been experimenting with cookie cutters. A little heart one for little OL.
And some circle ones for the boys. Although, there was outrage at the dinner table as the boys did not want circles, they wanted hearts. Of course they did. Note to self, buy more heart cookie cutters.

They hold their shape really well once you have released the cookie cutter. Love this photo as one of my old boys is eyeing it up, thinking that it's his supper. Woof woof.

Next on my agenda is Indian Curry. In England everyone eats curry, it is NEARLY the national dish. It is so commonplace, they used to serve it for lunch at the little preschool eldest OL went to. So it is my mission, I want my children to be able to tell the difference between a poppadum and a naan. To be able to handle a chicken madras or a vindaloo. So I have stocked up...............

Wish me luck!!


  1. I love Shepherd's Pie. It is an awesome way to get a ton of veggies in kids! :) As a child, my mother would make liver and onions with bacon. It was one thing I couldn't learn to like. Many a times, I got busted for feeding it to the dog and was sent to bed. Steak and kidney pie, Aphra Bolyer (she is from England) and I were just talking about this this past weekend!! :) Sounds interesting. I had a blast in England at the World Showcase in DisneyWorld. I have always been fascinated with England. I ate at the Rose n Crown twice while there... love Banger's and Mash and I had fish and chips. Yum!!! From what the waitress said, everything there is authentic. It was fun to be able to get a small taste of it without having to cross the big pond. Now if only I could locate some Green and Black's caramel bars!! :)

  2. Your pies came out wonderful. I love shepard's pie. The other things though........I'm a picky eater, so chances are I could never live in England!!

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