Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Old Friday

Baby Oompa Lompa is sleeping, the other OL's are at Camp. It is super peaceful and today, I am rather relishing it. Peaceful and quiet are not the words that come to mind whilst describing my house.!! The kits are all shipped, my washing is done......I am feeling rather happy with myself.

I have made myself a nice cup of tea and am now sorting through the hundreds of photos I took of our trip. I really LOVE this photo:

You can really tell that my children had not been to a beach before. Not bothering to change into their swimming cozzies or taking off their shoes, just wading right on in. It is like they are discovering water for the very first time - which I suppose, in a way they were. I just love the little gems you find in the hundreds of photos that you take. Gotta love digital cameras. Have a fab weekend.

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