Monday, August 8, 2011

I have a new little friend....

Yesterday we found a baby thing on the garden path. I say thing as we are not sure whether or not it is a mouse, rat or a squirrel. I don't really think you should mess with mother nature so I made sure the OL's didn't touch him and we walked away. I kept checking back, hoping that his mummy would find him and take him home.

The minutes turned to hours and it was starting to get dark. I really couldn't leave him there anymore and decided to bring him in - he was freezing. So, I warmed him up and gave him a bit to drink. He had a very nice night.

I have now put him on a little heat pad, in a box, back in the spot where we found him. Praying that his Mummy comes to get him and that he doesn't get eaten by some passing bird.


  1. Thats wonderful that you took care of him, I hope he makes it back to his home!

  2. you are so kind.......I hope his mom finds him/her.

  3. Having had experience with baby mice I would say that little baby thing is too big to be a newborn mouse. It could be a baby squirrel. I found a baby squirrel when I was about 10 (now 63) whose mother had been killed by a dog. I raised it and kept it as a pet until it was big enough to fend for itself and it took off to live on its own. It would come home the first few days but as his confidence grew he stayed outside and in the trees. He would visit from time to time.