Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodwill Hunting!!!

My brother-in-law (David), introduced me to the art of 'thrifting' in America. The charity shops here are very different to the likes of Oxfam, Red Cross etc. at home. You can find the most amazing things at Goodwill. I went browsing there today and found some wonderful goodies.

Firstly these mirrors $4.99 each. They were hidden in between two sofas and as I pulled them out, people came-a-flocking. I had to become very protective over them whilst I was putting them in my trolley!!

Next, I found this picture of two children, the little boy reminds me of the 'Gusmister', so I had to buy it. I then found this lovely wooden frame for it to go in. Both $1.99.

Finally, my globe. I managed to get my hands on this as the chap was putting it on the shelf. It is in really good condition and the children love it. I have been showing them where we are in relation to England. I am loving my new globe. A perfect bargain at $4.99.

So, get yourself down to Goodwill and start 'hunting' and see what goodies you can find.

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