Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last day of School

This was the boys last day at La Petite, it was a very sad day for me. It is the best pre-school I have ever found, such a wonderful place full of the most amazing people. It is just not practical to send them there anymore. I said when we moved that I would keep them there until the end of the year and much to my amazement (and four months of commuting!!!) I did it!!

Thought I would take a photo of the boys outside the school, love this one.....although we just need another little monkey at the end covering their mouth. Then we would have the 'three little evil monkeys'........ see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil!

I wanted to make something for Sara, the director of La Petite. She is truly an amazing woman and we all love her to bits. We will miss her so much and I just wanted to make something pretty for her office.

This is Sara holding her new prezzie, she was really thrilled with it and I am so pleased I made the effort. Could have just given her a gift card!!

I picked this up at the thrift store, not a huge hit in our house but I really like it. I love things like this. I just think about all of the work that has gone into it, (it is cross stitch on linen, not an easy task as I have tried to do it myself - give me aida cloth any day). All that work and someone has just given it to the thrift store, it breaks my heart and I have to buy it. Bonus that it has a great frame, I paid $4 for it and it is now up on my kitchen wall not caring if anyone else in the house is appreciating it because I am.

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