Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sophia's First McDonalds

I told you that I had taken photos of Sophia eating her first Mc Donalds, an event really worthy of photographs!! I am halfway through project 365 so I am getting desperate for photo ops.

This photo is so amusing, she is looking at her chip thinking 'is this actually food?'

I lucked out today at Target. I went to have a look at their printers and just so happened to walk through the toy isle. To my utter delight they were having their 75% sale, bargain galore. I filled my trolley up to the brim with Barbie, Dora, Diego, Handy Many, dolls, bubbles and anything else that looked remotely playable, (no moon sand though, I left that so it can mess up someone else's house). Buying it is the easy part, trying to sneak it into the house and then trying to find a good hiding place is the tricky part. I managed to get the goodies in the house, time will tell if my hiding place is any good!!

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