Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Trash Day BBQ (Grill)

My brother-in-law has just cooked me the most amazing chicken on this BBQ. I know what you are thinking, not a very interesting post so far, just bare with me. It got me thinking that this BBQ is probably the best bargain I have ever had.

Roll back to Spring, the weather was getting nicer, I kept telling handsome that I wanted to get a BBQ so I could chuck a few steaks on it. Weirdly enough, I decided to keep my BBQ in England, I didn't ship it out with the rest of our furniture. For the life of me, I am not sure why I made that decision. Anyhow, I am a huge Weber fan and started to look at the prices and wasn't really sure that I wanted to pay $800-ish for a BBQ that I don't use that often.

One Friday I was walking the dogs round the neigbourhood, it just so happened to be trash day before the dustmen had been. I was nearing the end of my walk when I saw this Weber BBQ next to someone's bin. I lifted up the lid and had a quick inspection, it looked a little old, a little unloved but it was in great condition. I ran home, jumped in my car, drove back to that house, put the BBQ in my car and drove on home. I then went out and bought some gas, came home to try it out but it didn't work. A few days later the odd-job-man was here and I asked him if he happened to know anything about gas BBQ's. He went out, fiddled with a few things and said it's working like a dream. He then spent half an hour explaining to me how to use a BBQ - bless him!!! I didn't have the heart to tell him that I do know how to use a BBQ. So I now have the most amazing BBQ that I didn't pay a penny for, left out for me by one of my dear neighbours, thank you whoever you are.

I know that this probably wouldn't happen in England. I was always afraid to leave an extra black bin bag next to the bin, let alone an enormous BBQ!

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