Friday, September 25, 2009

As Promised - My Finished Quilt

Before children, I had a quilting obsession. Couldn't make them fast enough, every night was spent sewing bits and pieces together. I loved buying fabric for quilts that I was going to make, I had the quilting bug pretty bad.

Then I had my first son and it all sort of stopped. I was either too exhausted to do anything other than to eat my supper in the evening or I couldn't really be bothered to get everything out to then have to put it all back again a few hours later.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I went to the local quilt show at Hever Castle, Kent, England. I saw this fabric bundle and just fell in love with it. She had bought second hand flannel shirts from charity shops, washed them and then cut them into strips. I loved the way that the fabric was so soft and slightly aged, I bought it straight away and vowed I would make Monty a quilt. That night I started the quilt. That was in 2006.

This year I came across this sad looking, half-finished bag of scraps and thought I am going to finish it. And finish it I did:

I machined the strips together and hand appliqued the teddy bear. I then machine quilted the quilt but hand quilted the teddy bear.

I love the fact that it is all made out of old shirts, I think this would be a fab idea to make one out of baby clothes. Not sure I could bare to cut them up though!!

This is the quilt on Montys bed:

Now to the heart braking bit. This quit has taken me months to finish, hour after hour, evening after evening. Monty was so excited about me making his quilt, he kept asking me if I was finished yet, when could it go on his bed. So the day came, I put it on his bed just before bed time. He walked into his room and took one look at the quilt and then said the words, " Umm, I want a Spiderman blankie, I don't like that one"!! Well, what was I thinking, of course a 4 year old wants a Spiderman blankie - silly Mummy!!

So to all you budding quilters out there, don't make the same mistake as me. Don't hand applique a teddy bear onto your 4 year olds' quilt, (it will be impossible to take it off). Keep the quilt and just tack on a different character as and when the mood takes them. You know how quickly they change their minds!! At least I know for next time!!

Have a Happy Friday.


  1. I LOVE the idea of using the old shirts.... I think my mum still has soon of my grandad's. Could Spiderman live on the other side??? The colours are perfect. You could just 'tack' him on until Monty moves onto something else red & blue...

  2. Love your quilt! Using old shirts is genious! Lightly tacking down the 'it' character by handstitching around the edge so it can be removed easily is a good idea.

  3. Thanks Holly, I just wish I had thought of it before I sewed on the teddy bear. Luckily I have younger children so perhaps I can pass it down to them and just make another quilt for the oldest!!!

  4. Just came across your blog 2day. This story took me back... when I was about 5-6, my Poppy made me a looped yarn teddy bear. I remember anxiously awaiting and when it was done - I thought I turned out ugly and I was being a bit bratty about it. He loved me so much (I was the only grandkid) and I'm certain I hurt his feelings.
    Many years later, he is gone now and although he made me other things (which thankfully I was much more grateful about) the teddy bear is all I have left and means more to me than anything.
    So don't worry too much today about your little one's reaction, some day he will value it enormously. best, s

  5. Hi Shannon, Welcome and thanks for sharing your 'teddy bear' story, it makes me feel a lot better. It's funny the things that we hold on to or should I say that survive with us to adulthood. It's not the things that you think it would be. I've got the most random of things from my childhood that were definitely not my 'favourite' at the time.

  6. That is a beautiful quilt! The shirts are a great idea! I think you did a wonderful job. :)