Thursday, September 24, 2009

Give Away & Sneak Peeks

I would like to start by thanking Elizabeth Kartchner for doing a give away on her blog today. Just leave a comment on her blog and you will have a chance to win one of each kit. As the old saying goes, 'You've got to be in it to win it!!'. Good luck fellow Magpies!!

OK, now for the Sneak Peeks - only 6 more days until all is revealed!!

Main Kit Sneaks:

Credit Crunch Sneak:

I have also got some very exciting news, Julie Bonner, (founder of 52 Sketches) is going to be designing an exclusive Magpie sketch each and every month - just for us lucky Magpies. Not only that but each month I will be giving away a prize for the best layout - yippee. Sketches and prizes - what more could a girl want!!

I am sure you are all familiar with 52 sketches, if not, you need to check it out as it is great for weekly inspiration and has a fabulous forum.

So Happy Thursday to you all and once again, I wish you all luck with Elizabeth's give away.


  1. came over from Elizabeth's blog...your kits are so cute! & LOVE the idea behind the credit crunch kit! Also, LOVE Julie's sketches! How cool that she has joined you!!!

  2. Thank you Stacey, I am super excited too - I love her sketches. Not quite sure how she keeps coming up with new ones. I am thrilled you like the kits, good luck with the give away, fingers crossed!!!

  3. Another newbie from Elizabeth's blog but I am glad I did. I am enjoying your blog, kits and definitely love the credit crunch kit...not because it is a credit crunch, I just don't use many of the supplies in the larger kits and often don't purchase because I don't need or want all the extras. I am looking forward to your October kits and signed up for your newsletter.


  4. Thank you so much Kim, I am glad that you have found my blog. I agree with you, sometimes less is more especially when it comes to storing things. I hate storing things, once it is put away I forget that I have it!! The October CC Kit is looking really good, I am so super happy with it. Thanks for signing up for the newsletter and for leaving a comment, greatly appreciated.

  5. Just found you from Elizabeth's blog. Always enjoy fighting something new. I can see I'm going to love your blog and kits. I live in the rural area and all our local scrapbooks stores have closed so I do a lot of on-line purchasing. I love the idea of the Crunch kit.

  6. Hi Debbi, Thank you so much for your comments, I am super pleased that you like my blog and the kits. Our local scrapbook shop closed earlier this year, it was so sad. Weirdly enough it was so busy the last few weeks when she had knocked down all her prices. It's a shame she didn't have that support before!! Thanks again Debbi.

  7. Oh my gosh! I love the sneak peak of October's kit...I am not a subscriber but I may have to buy this one-it's too good to pass up! I belong to Scarlet Lime but I am open to trying other kits and yours look fabulous!

  8. Thanks for the compliments Holly, I decided not to do a subscription based club as I really just want people to buy the kits they like.