Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Loving Tiny Town

Over the weekend we took a trip to 'Tiny Town'. A small village lovingly made by a Father for his Daughter in the early 1900's. I wasn't really sure what to expect but just mention the words outing and picnic and I am out of the house quicker than Linford Christie!!!

Now if the buildings aren't enough to impress you, just take a peek through the tiny windows.

Each room in each house is fully decorated and furnished right down to the smallest detail.

Lamps, clocks on wall, school desks with little pads and pencils, dolls line dancing in the dance hall, cats curled up next to fireplaces. Words can't really describe the wonders that each room beholds.

This was my favourite little building, a clapboard flower shop. The details inside were spectacular.

This was the conservatory coming off the flower shop. The attention to detail, the passion and most of all the patience it would have taken to firstly build the house and then to decorate it, I find truly amazing.

Beautiful houses........

Every amenity that you could ever want in a village.

Some of the houses were empty shells in which the children could climb in and explore.

We were so lucky with the queue or should I say lack of it for the miniature steam railway. Prince Charming is not know for his patience and queuing for longer than five minutes is a non-negotiable no!!

The train was a wonderful experience, a real mini insight into what it would have been like in the golden age of steam. The train went round the outskirts of the village, along the journey we went over two bridges and through a little tunnel. I loved every second and wanted to go round again and again and again.

No outing is complete without an ice cream. It is also the perfect distraction whilst ushering them out of the exit!!

So huge thumbs up for Tiny Town. In the words of the Governor of California.........................
I'll be back!!!!

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  1. We went there, after your suggestion, and I think that we're going AGAIN this weekend. It REALLY is that good!