Monday, August 31, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter.......

Loving her Starbucks in the morning................................. It was an empty cup before you get on the phone and report me to Social Services!!

It was Gussie's first day at his new school today, I was probably more nervous than he was. He insisted that he took his Postman Pat rucksack and then he was all set to go.

He was a little apprehensive when we arrived at the school. I told him that he was my little brave soldier and that he would make so many new friends. I think he believed me.

He got Pat and then he was off, running I might add. It is such a lovely little school so different from the 'Disney World' one that Monty goes to. I have a really good feeling about it, fingers crossed.

I have to admit that I am not going to be launching the business this week. I learnt my first big lesson in the wholesale 'Scrapbook World'..........check the shipping dates of new releases. It sounds simple enough, it wouldn't have taken a second to double check but oh no, not me. I was like a child in a sweet shop, too excited about all the goodies, not interested in the small print.

So I had to come up with Plan B, I have had to swap around some of the September paper for October and have ordered some other bits, (that are ready to ship now) from another company. I should receive those bits by the end of this week. So once I have photographed them, (with the help from the photo guru Dave) and put the kits together - I am thinking a week tomorrow. The day after Labour Day. Don't hold me to it, I am sure there will be many more 'Scrapbook World' lessons to learn in the week!! Have a happy Monday.


  1. LOVE the rucksack. Might try & sew a 'girlie' one for B before her first day. Guru Dave is expecting your call ;-)))

    By the way... he looks so grown up in the photo of him in the car!

  2. You sure have a touch with the camera. That little tyke with his backpack securely in place facing a whole new world brought tears to this Grandma's eyes. I enjoy your refreshing and loving approach to mothering and life.