Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favourite Photos

I feel a bit naughty blogging on a Saturday night. Bloggers don't blog at weekends, it's just a Monday to Friday gig. I suppose they are all out doing exciting things so that they have something to blog about during the week!!

I just couldn't resist sharing these photos, two of my favourite photos. My boys, in matching pyjamas, (very Victoria Beckham!!). For once they were not fighting, for once they wanted to cuddle - I had to get photographic evidence of this rare act of love.

Ahh, my two little angels.

Well I better get back to doing exciting things so that I have something to blog about in the week. Although I think the most exciting thing that is going to happen this evening is jumping into bed, reading a few pages of my book then visiting the land of nod!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey these shots were worth breaking the 'unspoken law of blogging' for. Glad to see your hair is looking more 'you' now Monti. xxx