Monday, September 14, 2009

My Pottery Love

One of my greatest loves is for English pottery, I am an avid collector and must admit moving to America has not lessened the appeal. Emma Bridgwater being one of my all time favourites. Have you seen her newest design. I think this must have been designed especially for my friend Mel, (surely Mel, you've got to be loving this!!!). White Toast & Marmalade, this will definitely be going on my Christmas list. FYI, they ship to America - bonus!!

Coming up close second has got to be Susie Watson Designs. Again I have got to mention my friend Mel, who happens to have these mugs at her house. It is always a pleasure sipping tea out of them and they are also the perfect size for dipping whatever Marks & Spencers' treat she happens to have in her 'magic cupboard'!!!

Part of my collection is 'nursery pottery'. Peter Rabbit, Bunnykins, Winnie the Pooh, Emma Bridgewater's Trucks and everything else in between. You name it and I have probably got it, apart from these little beauties.......(they'll be going on my list as well!!). Just perfect for my little pirate boys.

This is what I miss about living in the English countryside. Not that I ever had a 'rose courtyard' but I'm sure I could have found something similar. Not that I ever took all my best table linens and cushions outside for afternoon tea but I will next time I am home, I promise.


  1. You asked me the other day whether I was in to plates & mentioned Emma Bridgewater. At that point I didn't know her by name but definitely loved her work. Now I have been educated. The only pottery I've found here, that I love, is Van Briggle. You used to able to tour their original Colorado Springs kilns but they've gone now.... (heavy heart sighing)

  2. BTW - LOVE EB's tin collection...