Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I love a good collection, I always have. When I was younger, I used to love watching the 'Antique Roadshow' and in later years 'Cash in the Attic'. I was fascinated at all the weird and wonderful things that people collected. I admire the passion and commitment it takes to have a great collection.

I have collected things in the past, I dibbled in a pig collection, I dabbled in a snow globe collection but none of them lasted. I got fed up with the clutter and obviously wasn't committed enough.

As I look round my house, I realise that I do have collections, collections that have evolved unconsciously over the years.

I thought I would share my biggest love, my 'Emma Bridgewater' pottery. My love affair for her wares first began when I got married. I decided her 'Blue Toast & Marmalade' would be a perfect addition to my wedding list. I then started going to her factory sales, friends started buying bits as gifts and my collection just grew. It is now spread out all over the house:

In the china cabinet:
Near the sink:
In the storage chest:
In the larder:
I got these out for Christmas:
On the kitchen counter, (holding tea bags and sugar):
On the plate shelf:
On the other side of the plate shelf:
Finally, in the kitchen cupboard:

The majority of bits that I have bought are now discontinued. This is good and bad. It is bad as I am neurotic about it getting broken. It is good if I ever wanted to sell it. The prices that some of my pieces are going for on ebay are obscene!!

Although I must say that since living in America my EB collection has sort of stopped growing. I have not seen it for sale anywhere in Colorado. You can buy it online from a few shops and I can obviously order if from England, (they do ship to America but you have to pay about $40 just for the shipping!!!). But the main reason is the price, in England it was quite expensive but not too bad. Here, once it is converted into dollars, I just can't bring myself to buy a thing!!!
Maybe Father Christmas will leave a little something in my stocking!!! (hint, hint Prince Charming!!!)


  1. Wow Tara, what a fantastically gorgeous collection you have. I really love the rooster plates and all those serving pieces. I know that neurotic feeling you wrote of, my wedding china is discontinued~

  2. Lots of fun pieces in your collection - thanks for sharing.

  3. If any prince charming could pick out some china and actually get it to arrive by the day...that would really be something!

  4. What a great collection! Thank you for introducing me to Emma Bridgewater! It is wonderful!!!

  5. Thanks guys although Sue, I am not sure you will thank me in the long run. It is an expensive passion to have!!!!

  6. T - If I were you I'd send PC the links to the exact pieces you'd like... at least he can't go wrong then. Was Blue T&M discontinued?

  7. Yes Melissa, the blue T & M has long gone, they stopped it in 2003!! But they have a huge range of it in black. I am not so keen on the black but I have a few friends that have it and it does look rather nice in their kitchens!! They have also just bought out a white T & M - a bit too plain for me. I do like the polka dots and of course the crazy chickens!!!

  8. I've never met anyone until now who loves blue T&M as much as me!! This is a big moment. I could send you a photo of my cupboard..except it looks like yours hehe. So what do you fancy next? I'm loving the new cream stuff.

  9. Hi Sian, I only know one other person that collects the blue T&M - I do think it is the best one though!!! I really want to get a couple of the polka dot pumpkin mugs. Also, I am really liking susie watson designs - have you seen her stuff?? Love it!!! Especially the Strawberry Jugs. www.susiewatsondesigns.co.uk

  10. Thanks, Tara, for pointing me in the direction of that gorgeous website. Very tempting.