Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Old Boys

I received the Orvis catalogue yesterday and just fell in love with the cover, what a wonderful photo. They look identical to my old boys with their little grey beards!! I also thought it was rather amusing that they have been named after English Prime Ministers - Thatcher and Winston. Orvis run a competition where you can send in your photos of your dog/s and the best one makes it on the cover.

It got me thinking, I don't really take that many photos of my old boys. So I have decided to take lots of photos and send the best one into Orvis. Wish me luck as I think I am going to need it, this is my first photo............umm, this dog picture taking is not as easy as it looks!!!

I then started flipping through the Orivs catalogue and was quite horrified when I saw this bed!! Who came up with this crazy idea? You can just imagine someone at home thinking... 'Mmm I have a great idea, I am going to make a giant Croc shoe bed for dogs'. I have never seen anything like it in my life!!

I then started flicking through the Hannah Anderson catalogue and saw these wonderful Christmas pyjamas. You can get them in all sizes for all your family members...........

........... including the dogs. I have got to say that I am loving this and may have to splurge!!

Have a happy Thursday.


  1. The puppies are so adorable! I want one of my own so badly and thatcher is an great name.

  2. I have a Cocker Spaniel, but I have to admit...the Labs are darling!