Thursday, November 12, 2009

Supermarket Snooping!!

I returned from the Supermarket yesterday and decided I had to photograph my shopping. I must admit that I am getting pretty desperate for shots for the old project 365, (will be quite pleased when it is done and dusted to be honest). Anyway, once I had placed all my produce on the kitchen counter, I was actually very pleased with myself. I felt that this particular shopping trip was worthy of a 'food standard healthy food shopping award', (if one existed). It is not often that my shopping actually looks like this, where are the crisps?, where are the sweets?, where are all those exciting treats?

It then got me thinking, I love looking at other people's shopping trolleys to see what they have put in there. I especially love watching the 'single man' placing his trolley contents on the conveyor belt, usually packed full of microwave ready meals and toilet rolls!! I love watching everyone, just seeing what kind of food they are buying. Then trying to imagine what they are going to cook. This is especially fun in Costco where people are buying things in such vast quantities, I wonder what on earth they are going to do with a 10lb pack of pickled gherkins!!
Am I the only one or do we all do it??? Have a happy Thursday.


  1. I totally agree with your feelings on 365 - but what a great project, right? And love what you said about seeing other people's shopping - have you ever been to a Super Target and seen the mix most people leave with from there? It's hilarious! You can find out a lot about someone in that store - maybe too much! Great post!

  2. I do love looking at what other people are buying and imagining what their lives are like!! As a side note, I love reading your posts with all your charming English words like "trolley" are so darling. :)

  3. Trolley, cart, basket, buggy...yes I enjoy peeking in others but alas,I rarely find the time. I am usually wizzing through the grocery.

  4. Love looking at trolleys in Super Target, such a weird array of products!!! I must admit it is far worse in England, the queues are so long at the checkouts that you have nothing better to do. Especially at Christmas time, you could be standing there for at least 20 minutes!!