Thursday, December 3, 2009

Man of the Month.....

Yes, it's that time again, Man of the Month!!! You would be surprised how many requests I have had from the male folk in my life asking to be featured. A case in point is my brother-in-law Cameron, yes he is single. He wants to know when he is going to be Man of the Month.
Yes, he is a wonderful man. He is extremely funny, he is always immaculately turned out, he cooks and he is great with children, a bit of a catch for some lucky lady. But no, he can't be Man of the Month, I told him that he must be confusing my blog with!!!
In a normal month I think I would have to chose Zachary Quinto, he plays the bad guy in Heroes. I mean he is just far too attractive, surely there must be laws out there against being that good looking.
I mean could you just imagine if he knocked on your door to take you out for supper!!! I think I would be speechless the whole evening. Although that does ring a bell, I am sure I was pretty speechless when Prince Charming picked me up on our first date. That kind of 'pinch me as I must be dreaming' moment.
Anyhow, this month is not a normal month. I am afraid there can only be one Man of the Month in December and that has got to be Father Christmas. I mean Christmas would not be quite the same without him!!
Have a Happy Thursday, is it really Thursday already!!!


  1. Yes, really Thursday. Lately, seems as if I blink, it is two days later...

    Bravo on your man of the month pick!

  2. This post was too funny - love your pick :)

  3. Perfect pick Tara!! Both...well, all 3 of them!