Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

If I won the lottery, (not that I actually do the lottery but if I did!!) this would be my wish list Wednesday:-

I would buy a cottage in England with a 'thatched roof', (basically made of straw), with a beautiful English cottage garden. I wouldn't live there all the time, (as I am loving living in Colorado) but it would be a perfect base for when we were back home.

It would have to have an AGA cooker, preferably in pink but I might be open to other colours!!

I would then need a zippy car to get around town, the roads in England are far too small for big cars so I think a VW Beetle would be perfect, does it come in pink???
And lastly, a butler. He could make me tea in the morning and walk my dogs - Bliss!! This chap is actually the late Queen Mother's butler duly walking her corgis!!
How perfect would that be...................OK back to reality. I have the dishwasher to empty, beds to make, washing to do, shirts to iron.............but a girl can dream!!!


  1. ooohhhh, I was so enjoying the dream and then suddenly, dishwasher!!! Talk about a rude awakening...
    Perhaps the butler could paint the Beetle?

    Off to unload my own dishwasher~

  2. I love the idea and your choices!

  3. Tara, if you could gottle your attitude and sell it, you could buy a milltion agas and all the thatched-roofed houses in England to put them in.

  4. That was supposed to be "bottle" and "million".

  5. Thank you so much, especially to mrs cox, I love the fact that you leave comments and they are always so lovely.

  6. That dude walking the dogs looks seriously cool