Friday, December 11, 2009

Not Loving Santa!

Yesterday we made our annual visit to see Father Christmas, (trying to get in there before the horrific queues!!). I wasn't sure how baby Oompa Loompa would react to the big old guy. I decided to do a 'drop and snap', placing her on his knee at the last possible second. She was too quick for us though and this was the best shot we got!! She is obviously not loving Santa this year.

Although she didn't seem to mind him last year, sitting quite happily on his knee.
Oh the difference a year makes!! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. My oh my, does that make me feel a bit better. Misery loves company you know!~!

    I actually just love the crying Santa photos and yours is priceless!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family Tara!

  2. Aw! Very cute photos. A good weekend to you too

  3. Too cute! Those are some of my fave Santa pics!!

  4. That is just priceless. It will be a great photo to scrap!! Think of all the titels you can use!!

    I just received my kits in the post. I LOVE THEM!!!! They are just so beautiful and full of opurtunities! I specially loved the pink tree. I know just the LO to use it on :-) Thank you so much for making my day!!