Thursday, December 10, 2009

Show and Tell

Meet Fred. Fred is 30 years old and arrived safely at my house yesterday after a long air trip from England. For all my wonderful American friends, you wont know who Fred is. In England there is a company called Homepride, they started off making flour, now they make all types of food. Fred is their logo mascot and over the years that have made the most wonderful Fred memorabilia. In 1979, they made this, Fred the baking set.

His hat becomes a sieve:

His face is the mixing bowl:

Inside his body is a measuring cup and measuring spoons:

And in his little feet are two wonderful cookie cutters:

In 1979, I received Fred from Father Christmas. I loved him them and I love him even more now. Every day I was mixing, stirring and baking, he was my best friend!! Middle oompa loompa loves to bake and I wanted to get him a little baking set all of his own. I couldn't find anything I really liked and then I remembered Fred. My little friend Fred, so I made a few phone calls, called in a few favours and we were set to go. Fred was coming to America!! And now here he is, back where he belongs in my kitchen. Although I have got to wrap him first and put him under the tree!!! I just had to tell you about him.

Whilst we are on the subject of packages and England, look what also arrived. My bits from the British Food Shop, mainly chocolate I might add!! I place an order with them once a year, just before Christmas. They do all the wonderful Cadburys chocolate tree decorations, chocolate coins, mince pies and lots of other yummy stuff. The downside, and there is a big downside, is it is frightfully expensive. There are some things that I really just can't bring myself to buy, I catch myself shouting at the computer...."$8, how can that be $8, in England that only costs 29p (50cents)!"

I am thrilled to have introduced you to my dear old friend Fred. Have a happy Thursday.


  1. HOORAH! FABULOUS! He's here. I hope Gussie doesn't read you blog. BTW can't wait for some decent chocolate.

  2. Yummy!!! Do you have "World Market" out in CO? They have all kinds of fabulous chocolates and other goodies from Europe and might have some of the treats you are missing from England. I lived in Germany for several years and have been able to find lots of my favorites at World Market. Thanks for sharing, Tara! I always love reading your blog. PS--I heart Fred! Erin

  3. Awww, he is adorable Tara!!! From that first photo I thought he was a tiny little thing so I was quite shocked to see that sieve and mixing bowl. What a fun idea for your son, I am sure he will love him!!! I just adore sharing a bit of my childhood with my children too~

    Happy Wrapping~

  4. Tara...this is amazing!! I want a Fred!!!!!

  5. I love Burton's Digestives! I could eat nearly half a roll at once! Yum!!

  6. Thanks guys!! Also thanks Erin, I will go and check it out, there is one nearby. I'm with you Karen, I am a sucker for a chocolate digestive!!