Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oompa Loompa Tree Ornaments

I can't tell you how cold it is here in Colorado, Jack Frost is definitely biting at my toes!! For my fellow English folk, it has got down to -18c!! I am not sure I have ever been anywhere this cold before. Anyhow, it is a great excuse to stay indoors and make things.

Yesterday I made these wonderful little elf decorations. I picked them up at Jo-Ann's, in the section when you are waiting in the queue. They were 60% off, so a mega bargain at $0.44 each.

This is what they looked like before:
I then got a piece of template plastic and drew around the clothes to make a template.
Once cutting the template out, I then placed it on the back side of some paper and drew around my template. Then cut it out.
To the fun part, Mod Podge-ing the paper on to the elf.
Once everything was dry, I them embellished my little elfs with Stickles, Pearls and Pom Poms.
Then added my little Oompa Looma's photos.
I am sending them to my mother-in-law in England as I thought it would be nice for her to put on her tree, (as my little Oompa Loompas will not be sharing the magical day with her this year). Have a Happy Wednesday.


  1. Good grief! I cannot believe you whipped those out! They are incredible!!! What a lucky mother-in-law you have Tara~

  2. hahaha so funny! if you haven't already you should check out, it it very funny!

  3. These are very cute, a great price is always a bonus.