Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Man of the Month.....

I am well into Brothers and Sisters at the moment, I love it. So there are quite a few possibilities for Man of the Month from that show, I will share my favourites.

The obvious choice would be Rob Lowe, dreamy, funny and beautiful. Perhaps a little too much of a pretty boy although I still wouldn't say no!!

Dave Annable is just my kind of guy. A little big rugged, extremely handsome, a little bit hairy. He could be perfection.

Have you ever heard Matthew Rhys speak in his normal Welsh accent. I can't believe that he puts on that amazing American accent for the show. He has a very strong Welsh accent and it just melts your heart. No wonder he gets all the ladies!!

So there I was sat in front of the TV, happily watching brothers and sisters trying to decide which one of those gorgeous boys should be man of the month. When to my surprise I suddenly got transported back to England in a flash. Nora Walkers' love interest 'Roger' appeared, it was none other than the most wonderful, charming and dare I say it, National Treasure...........Nigel Havers. He is such a wonderful actor, he is so dashing, so eloquent and still rather handsome. I knew he would have to be the one. I knew that he would be our man of the month, yay to the older man!!

Although if I had to pick one to go kite flying with or perhaps to the park to feed the ducks, I am sorry Nigel but it would have to be Dave Annable, he is just a hotty!!!


  1. I´m agreeing on Dave, he looks VERY good! Nigel looks a bit like my 80 years old Grandpa... (My Gradpa is very young looking though!!And it might only be the hair....) I tried to find a photo of him online, but the one that is mostly used of him looks like a mug shot.... As I get 23000 hits on his name, I´ll try finding a good one at home!! (The reason there is so many hits on him is that he is this big shot computer guy, and thats also the reason it is difficult finding a photo of him... he always sits in front of the computer...)


  2. I just love that show but alas, I am weeks behind.

    JUST GOT MY KIT! Hard as it is for me to believe,it is even better IRL!!! I cannot get over the lovely velvety & glittery textures on several of the papers. And the handmade embellishments!!! Lovely Tara, thank you so very much~ Off to scrap away before the kiddies get home from school~

  3. Well I would have to agree for the most part. I love that show and even more so once Rob Lowe appeared. He has to be my favorite but Dave would be a close second.

  4. Oooh---love Dave! My husband saw Rob Lowe in Vegas and said he is pretty small in real life. :( Got my kit last night and it is nothing short of AMAZING!! Thank you so much for being fabulous you!

  5. Thank you so much Erin, you are too kind!!

    I am now thinking that I should have made Dave the Man of the Month, although I felt that January would be a good month to respect the older man!!

    I love the fact that he looks like your Grandad Siri, can't wait to see a photo once you find one.