Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We have a Winner

Can I just say that judging the sketch competition is a tricky business. I have been agonising for days, they were all so good this month I found it impossible to pick my favourite. I even asked my brother if he would pick one for me, he declined my generous offer!!! I have now come up with a winner but before I divulge, I would like to see what goodies our wonderful Deana, (last months' winner) came up with as our first Challenge Guest Designer. She did not disappoint.

Here's our Deana:
I thought it would be a bit of fun to ask Deana a few questions:

What is your favourite Scrapbooking item:

My favorite scrapbooking item is Thickers. I think I use them on almost every page that I make! I get a little concerned when my stash of black Thickers gets low so I usually run out and stock up.

How many pages on average do you do a month:

On average I make about 5-7 pages a month. Some months maybe more, especially if I have a great kit to work with.

Where do you scrapbook and do you listen to music, watch TV whilst doing it:

I have a little place at the top of the stairs that I have claimed as the "Scrapbook Nook." It's completely open, no doors, but it has a window and I have a huge desk that runs around the walls. I have my ipod dock on that desk and if I'm in the Nook then it's playing some tunes while I scrap.

What drink do you order if you ever go into Starbucks:

Mmmm, I love the Caffe Mocha. I would love one right now actually.

Who would you chose for Man of the Month:

Josh Gracin! I am definitely his biggest fan and have gone to see him in concert at least 4 times!

Here are Deana's layouts:

Great job Deana, thank you so much for being a great sport and playing along with our little challenge.

Now on to the winner, at this point I would like to thank everyone so much for taking the time for playing along and uploading their layouts. There wouldn't be a competition without all of you. So after agonising for days, I did keep coming back to Brigitte's layout, I just love it. I love the photos, I love the colours, I love the embellishments, I am not sure what the title means but I am sure I would love it too. So well done Brigitte, please could you email me with your address and I will send you February's CC kit and you will feature as our Guest Designer next month. I must say that I am really loving this competition, it is great fun.

Brigitte's Layout:

On to this months sketch, Julie has done us proud yet again. I found this one nice and easy so no excuses not to get going on it!!

Here is Julie's take on the sketch, using everything from the January Main Kit:

Here is my take on the sketch, again using everything from the January Main Kit:

So I am sure everyone know the rules by now but I will recap just in case. Please upload your layouts below via Mr Linky. You do not have to buy or use a Magpie Kit to enter, this competition is open to everyone. Entries need to be in by midnight MST on 31st January. The prize is a spot as our Guest Designer for March, I will send the winner a CC kit and will then showcase their layouts on my blog and website. This is your mission if you chose to accept!!
Good Luck to my wonderful, fellow Magpies. xxxx


  1. Love what Brigitte did with last month's sketch! I thought that was a hard one with the circles but hers is gorgeous! Nice work to Deana too! :)

  2. Deana is after my heart. My big cafetiere broke from over use and I was trying to make several cups a day in a tiny one, and that broke, too (all over a silk n cashmere sweater that was completely saved by using a regular bar of soap on it). So, I am so needing Deana's coffee maker and those donuty things...

  3. OMG what a surprise! Thank you.

    I can not exactly translate the title but the journaling is about the fun we had walking and running at the beach and dunes the day after Christmas 2008. It was cold and windy but we enjoyed it.

  4. I just got my January kit, but I have to groom my dog!! Oh, cruel world!!! It is stunning Tara! My poor brother had to be all ohhh and ahhhh to satisfy me. He´s more into tractors and stuff, I don´t think glitter and velvet is his big thing. On the other hand he did say he wanted to go to a Tupperware party yesterday, so maybe I´m all wrong (he is 22, and his hands are always black with oil...)

  5. This is awesome, I hope to get to play later today. Congrats to the winner!!!

  6. Love this sketch! I have a layout to share for this too!