Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Peeks

I was putting together all the embellishments for February's Main Kit yesterday and got rather excited. They are fabulous and I just couldn't wait to share them. This isn't my official sneak peak, this is more like the unofficial-sort of 'slipped out of my handbag accidentally on purpose' sneak peek.

Here are some of the goodies.......

Vintage valentine cards from the late 50's and early 60's. Still with little love messages written in pencil on the back:
Handmade crocheted hearts from Ireland:
Fortune Telling Fish - are these not the best?? When I was a child, they used to come in paper envelopes but alas they are now unfortunately plastic. I can't wait to try mine out to see if I'm jealous, fickle, passionate or in love.........
Love charms:
Pretty fabric:
OK, I have to stop now. I can't reveal everything, I do need to keep some things back, (as hard as it is for me)!! I hope you liked them, have a happy Tuesday.


  1. This looks wonderful as always. Just popped over because I have been out of the loop (a bit purposefully but a bit not too). Had to comment though as I adored my fortune telling fish when I was younger, and of course had to thank you for the happy jog down memory lane.


  2. Aahhh... When I got my kit today, I thought : Myohmy! I´m getting a new one in a month!! And now I´m even happier:-) This will be amazing!

    I was just thinking that maybe you could make a Flickr group or something, where people can post projects they have made using your kits? It would be so much fun to see what others do with them!


  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate that.

    Great idea Siri, I am going to get on that, I think it would be really nice too.

  4. CanNOT wait, those peeks have me drooling...

  5. love that peek..you have such wonderful stuff in your kits...love em!

  6. Looks amazing Tara!!!