Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

It is true, English people love baths. I don't understand the whole shower thing, you can't read, you can't chat, you can't have a cup of tea and you have to stand up - what is relaxing about that?? Why stand when you can wallow like a hippopotamus in a big old bubble bath.

I love my baths, there is something quite wonderful about lolling around in warm, bubbly water. It is also a great place to think, Winston Churchill is famous for his afternoon baths, he is known to have made all his major political decisions whilst soaking in the tub.

So here is my wish list for the perfect bath:-

A free standing claw foot tub:

Some Jo Malone bath oil:
and we might as well throw in some of her bath soak too:

A bottle of Molton Brown bubble bath is an absolute must have:

I would then need a nice cup of tea:

And then possibly something to read, the latest creating keepsakes would be great:

Then maybe throw in Zachary Quinto.................oh sorry, I got a bit carried away then. That's a different wish list Wednesday!!!

My towels would all be warm and ready, heating up on on the towel heater, a real treat!

Lastly a nice big fluffy dressing gown to lounge about in once I finally got out of that bath...............just heaven!!

Have a happy Wednesday.


  1. Sounds yummy and no reason not to wish for Zachary Quinto

  2. As soon as this baby pops out (mere days away) I am going to enjoy a delightful soak!! My tub isn't big enough for my belly and me these days!!

  3. Tara, I soooo enjoy your unique posts. Learning about the way of English living with all its traditions and oddities is very interesting. Thanks for sharing! I wonder if you find Americans always in a hurry- maybe that is why baths aren't so popular- no one has the time. But I agree with you, they are super relaxing, esp with some scented oils.

  4. Thank you as always for your lovely comment - much appreciated.

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