Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Man of the Month.....

It is my favourite time again, choosing man of the month. Also, being that is it February, I have got to choose a goodie. So I thought I would do a list of my all time favourite men. Men that I would consider leaving Prince Charming for................OUTRAGEOUS!!! Did I really just say that? Don't worry, Prince Charming knows the score.

I just think that if any of the men below knocked on my door and said, 'Tara, I have got two tickets to Pairs, do you want to come with me?", I just couldn't say no. I think it might even be rude for me not to go. I wouldn't even pack a bag, I would just leave there and then. I might not stay for long though, I mean they might look good but what if you ran out of things to say. Or what if they were snorers or even worse, vain. I couldn't go out with a vain man, I did it once, many moons ago and it was awful. He had to look at himself in every single shop window - I mean, he was good looking but enough already!! Anyway, I digress. Here are my top picks:

Zachery Quinto - you must know that I love you:

Patrick Dempsy (Mc Dreamy from Greys Anatomy) - I think I would have to change doctors if he were mine. Words would just not be able to come out of my mouth!!

James Ford (Sawyer from Lost) - I am not sure what Kate is thinking, I would so choose Sawyer over Jack - no contest!!
Antonio Banderas, I first saw him in Desperado and it was love at first sight.

Dermot Mulroney, have you seen him in Wedding Date - my all time favourite movie. He is a major dish:

Brad Pitt - I know, I know, so cliched!! But I have always liked him, even his manky beard doesn't put me off!!

My all time favourite, Alec Baldwin. Love, Love, Love him. My friend Patti and I always have a major disagreement with him. She prefers William - Ughh, how could you - far too skinny!! She also says he is way past his best, this is where we disagree. I am not fussy, I don't mind that he's a little overweight or a little grey. I still love him!! But I must admit that he was amazing in his prime:

So decisions, decisions, who out of these beautiful men should be man of the month? I mean, Prince Charming may not be famous, he may not be an actor but he is drop dead gorgeous and a fabulous Father. I am going to have to really think about this one. Who would I leave him for.........................umm, I am sorry Prince Charming but I think it has got to be Zachery Quinto. Don't worry though, I'll send you a postcard from Paris!!!

Have a happy Tuesday.


  1. LOL Tara...you crack me up! BUT very good choices! hehehe
    We all know Prince Charming is not even worried a bit! Especially since you've said he doesn't usually take the time to even read your blog. LOL
    Myself, I think I'd go for McDreamy....just something about that man *sigh*

  2. they are all sooo yummy...I think Dermot is my fav of the group..mmmmmm

  3. Delicious post! Of course you don't include my #1 - David Boreanaz, guy from Bones & Angel, he's a greek god (sigh)- but I'm glad he's not included... means I won't have to compete with you! hee hee

  4. WOW! HUGE list of goodies. You obviously like t window shop ;-)))))

  5. BTW The bearded chap would be my current pick. http://www.editorsofficial.com/photos/image/192/ May not look like much but when he sings... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaB0-eOXj-o & the way he holds the microphone..................... Dave knows that I'd leave him for this beauty (LOL)

  6. Speaking of your brother, who is sure to ask why he is never chosen: well, he might snore and he might be a little vain (no explaining that), but he never ever runs out of things to say! That said, I am an Obama girl myself. And, agree on Antonio, he has always seemed like a great guy, since Women on the Verge...