Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I think my favourite thing to do is to take photographs, I nearly always have my camera with me. I am extremely happy with my camera but feel that this one may be missing from my collection. Oh yes, I am talking about this little beauty..........

Fuji's answer to the Polaroid. I just love it. I love the design, the colour and most of all the concept. I think I was about 8 when I got a Polaroid camera for my birthday. I used to love the anticipation of waiting for the photos to 'develop'. It was sort of like magic. One minute it is yellow and a few minutes later it is a wonderful colour photograph. I still have quite a few of my polaroid snaps that I took ever so long ago.

The problem is I don't really need another camera. I have quite a collection already. For some reason I can't seem to part with them, I keep them in a little chest, along with their original box and instructions. They feel like a part of me and I don't want to sell them or throw them away. These are my cameras so far in said collection:

This was my first camera, the Canon Sureshot - 35mm. My Dad bought me this for Christmas when I was 10. He thought it would be nice for me to take to boarding school, he was not wrong. I loved it, I took it to school and took photographs of anything and anyone.
Prince Charming bought me this 11 years ago when APS was all the rage. I must say it is the worst camera I have ever had, it stopped working after three months and was then with Nikon for about a year whilst they were fixing it. Even when I got it back, it wasn't that great. But, I loved the APS format, I loved those super, duper long photos and I especially loved how tidy the negatives were.
Prince Charming then bought me this camera for Christmas seven years ago. An Olympus 35mm, a cracker. It was such a pleasure to use after that dreadful Nikon APS and the photographs were superb. I actually thought the other day that I might like to buy a 35mm film and take some shots.
Then three years ago, just before we came to America, Prince Charming bought me this amazing digital camera for my birthday. He thought I was ready for digital and a DSL even though I wasn't really sure. It was so heavy and such a big thing to lug about, I thought he was crazy but now I couldn't be without it. I love it.

But and there's always a but, wouldn't it be nice to have the Fuji and take little snapshot photos. To watch them come out of the camera and develop in front of your eyes. Can you imagine the little shots you'd get and the wonderful scrapbooking pages you could make.........
OK Prince Charming, I wouldn't really leave you for Zachery Quinto and my birthday is around the corner!!! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!!! OR if my wonderful brother is reading this, I hear that they are so much cheaper in Hong Kong!!!!

What do you wish for on this wonderful Wednesday?? What ever it is, good luck and have a happy one.

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  1. Fun shots of all those cameras! I can't even remember my first. I did have a super awful Nikon Coolpix as my first digital but now I am a happy Canon Rebel girl!