Monday, February 15, 2010

My Recent Movie List........

I must say, I love a good thriller, it is by far my favourite genre of film. I have seen some really good ones over the past few months and feel compelled to share my most recent finds.

I saw Stepfather over the weekend and loved it, a good 'old-style' thriller:

Obsessed was fabulous, a modern day Fatal Attraction:

A Perfect Getaway has got to be my favourite, I thought it was stunning:

Lastly, Harpers Island, this was a mini-series. 13 episodes which relates to 541 minutes of full-on thriller. Really good but slightly gruesome, even I had to look away a couple of times:

Great thrillers, great times, I do love a good movie. Have a happy Monday.


  1. I loved the Harper's Island mini series...I thought it was excellent! I have been wondering about The Perfect I will definitely have to rent it. Happy Monday to you!

  2. This is an old one - but I just watched it and loved it - "He's just not that into you". If you haven't seen it - check it out!! Well worth the 2 hours and 14 mins!

  3. OH, Thrillers are most certainly NOT for me. That is the beauty of having all these little ones...I get to watch movies that don't scare me:)