Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Only one thing on my list this week....................this house. When we were in England looking to buy a house, I came across this little beauty. It was love at first sight.................

This room was one of my favourites, a beautiful living room with a real fire place and old beams. Slight problem for Prince Charming as he was to tall for the room, he had to bend his head, especially to get under the beams. Still, this didn't put me off!!
The only thing I would have done to the kitchen would be to put an Aga in, apart from that it was perfect.
Ahh, just look at that stunning conservatory, I imagined myself sitting there, reading a book, looking at the birds and drinking tea.
And, what a beautiful English cottage garden, I could see myself with my gardening gloves on, listening to the radio, digging up the old weeds.
The owners owned the bathroom shop in the village, (which had the Royal Crest - in other words they had sold/supplied something to the Queen, which in turn means that they can display her crest on their logo. They were very proud of this appointment and had the letter framed in their shop, an amazing shop I hasten to add). The bathrooms in this house were the best I have ever seen. To top it all off, there was a little pub in one of the outhouses, decked out with an old bar and real draft ales. It was all too good to be true. Which I am afraid it was, there was one major, major downside. It was just tucked behind the A22, the only road that goes from London to Brighton. On this particular stretch of the A22 it was a single lane, (I know, unheard of over here) and the traffic never seemed to stop. All day and all night, the cars, trucks and lorries all revving past. The noise outside the house was so bad, I literally had to shout to Prince Charming to be heard. It was also pretty noisy inside, not as bad, (as all the windows were double glazed) but bad nether the less.

My biggest concern was for my Oompa Loompa, (just had the one then). It would have been impossible to contain him from the road and I just felt that life would become rather stressful wondering if he had escaped. So, with a heavy heart I walked away. But I still love this house, I have kept all the photos and I compare every single house to this, my dream. I wish I could just pick it up and move it.......anywhere, but maybe Denver would be a nice place for it to be!! Have a happy Wednesday.


  1. This home is gorgeous! I can see how it's stayed on the wish list!

  2. Wow! I don't think we have many homes like that here in the States! Maybe on the East's stunning!

  3. What a shame about the location since it's such a beautiful home. I'm sure eventually you'll find a home for your family that even surpasses that because it will have all your loving touches.
    Must say though that I have no idea what an Aga is. LOL

  4. Lovely home! Wow. I think the gardens look the best! Wish we had room for a garden...someday when we don't live in an apartment. ;)

  5. Oh that house is gorgeous and the garden is a dream!!! I need to dig up pictures of my dream home to share with you. You'd love it. After dreaming of it for years while walking by it each day, I moved across the country. Would you believe that one day last year I was perusing a copy of BH&G and there it was. A feature story on its garden!!!

  6. I can see why that house has stuck in your heart! It's amazing! I love the cottage look, the kitchen....everything! It might have even been worth enduring the traffic for....hmmm???

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I knew it was a cracker of a house. Although I suppose if we had bought it I wouldn't be here in America. It would have been too tough to leave!!!